Totalife workshop experience + goodies

Here's where you should read to discover the secret behind detoxification nutrition plus permanent weight loss.
I 've attended a workshop organised by Totalife,recently.
On this day,Mr Ng Guan Choon,Totalife crown director,who is also an expert in weight management briefed about the health products of Totalife.Besides he also talk about what to eat to maintain a healthy life
Mr Ng explains about digestive system

Where do toxins come from?
Uv lights,smoke,foods with addictive

What is detox?
  • Sweating
  • bowel movement
Why do we feel tired after a meal?
Because our meal is cooked,some nutrients and healthy enzymes are lost.

Do you face this problems?
  1. tired
  2. insomnia
  3. hair fall
  4. constipation
  5. fatigue
  6. weight gain
If yes, and you are a health conscious person , the following five products are suitable for detoxification.
A digestive enzyme resistant to heat,acid and choline,it decomposes carbohydrate food such as rice,helps in preventing fat accumulation
comes with 28 sachets RM 132 per box
 Function: break down calories(re liang) to positive energy(neng liang)
The following picture is a demonstration:
biozyme and starch were used
Video version

Conclusion:starch break down completely with biozyme
A patented anti-bacterial double-embedding technology that improves digestion and improve absorption of nutrients,also enhances body immune system and synthesises vitamin
It is suitable for constipation problem. worry about constipation.Say goodbye to irregular bowel movement.
comes with 28 sachets RM228 per box

iii)green fiber
Made from 54 types of fruits and vegetable extracts,it has these several functions:
  • promotes energy metabolism
  • relieve constipation
  • enhance immunity
available in
14 sachets-RM87/28 sachets-RM132
 Demo of the product.sesame oil,water and total green fiber were used
The beginnng process till the end
Video versionI've uploaded the video with sound to youtube. Watch it here.
Question:What can u observe at the end?
Ans:The particles of sesame oil and green fiber dissolve to the bottom
iv)total drink
available in 
14 sachets-RM132/28 sachets-RM228
A refreshing orange fruit drink,purifies toxins and cleanses blood vessels,this product is rich in antioxidants, high in phytochemicals(β-Carotene,citrus,flavonoid,lycopene,lutein)
Besides,there are other products such as totalac,bioqueen.

v)redx collagen drink 
collagen has functions such as:
->maintain firm skin 
->restore skin

Five advantages of redx collagen drink
  • no fishy smell
  • no preservative
  • no polluted ingredients
  • no fat content
  • no burden

Each bottle consists of 10,000 mg of French fish collagen peptides.
Read more here:
Once again,thanks for Totalife Malaysia for organising a meaningful workshop
After reading the benefits ,that I've mentioned above,are you keen to try these awesome products?Grab Totalife goodies pack by :
1)registering at code: DETOX105.
2)just wait for call and you'll be receiving detox products
Hurry up!Don't wait anymore.
More enquiries about their products,question them at:Total Life Facebook .

P/s :Look forward about the testimonial of the products in my next post.All the information is adapted from Totalife pamphlets and also during the workshop.


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