Seremban,Yi Poh 'Lou shu fun'

The restaurant will be not an alien thing to you if you are residing in Seremban as it is famous for   'Lou shu fun'.
The 'Ho Chak ' team has also visited this before.Mr Phirence and Miss Yoon ,current MYFM DJ

the menu
I find the menu is attractive,load with interactive colour 

my bowl of loh shu fun,presented with 'char siew',dark soya souce,minced pork
Warning:Not suitable for those who are on a diet,as it is oil based

I also quench my thirst with a glass of three layer tea

Meanwhile, opposite the shop,there is a shop that sells Seremban 'Siew Pow',egg tarts and other worth to try delicacies

P/s:Warning at peak hours:Hard to get seat
Think you've tried this before,tell me what you think about the taste?


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