Curry noodle in Seksyen 17,Petaling Jaya

Not sure what to eat,when u are in Seksyen 17 at night?There are many selections over here,from nasi lemak,fried noodles,and many more
the scenery of the hawker stalls

But, let's begin to hunt for a bowl of curry noodle,here.

What makes a good bowl of curry noodle,expecially on a rainy day?
Well.. a good soup base,with other ingredient will contribute to a good one,making it to be the best of the best...
Despite a recent downpour on last Saturday evening,hawkers still busy preparing food while awaiting hungry customers to come.
Perhaps,the health conscious one will skip the coconut milk .
But...A good bowl can't run away from santan.
Let's call it a day at  a stall that sells good curry noodle.

overall:love the soup,little bit creamy,I love it so much

Can you resist this bowl of curry noodle?
They have options(yellow mee,vermicelli and kuay teow) with chicken and cockles.
Not fancy of chicken,you can opt for fish ball for only RM 6 per bowl. Besides, I've also ordered a bowl of sweet potato 'tong sui' (RM2 per bowl).
P/s:Workout later,eat first !


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