Wantan mee hunting

A good plate of wantan mee will consists of springy texture of yellow wantan noodles tossed in a not-so-thick dark soya sauce,and finally topped with 'Char Siu' (Bbq pork), wontons, choy sum and pickled green chillies.Pickle chillies or the blended chillli sauce gives more flavours when the 'char siu' is dipped into it.A plate of wantan mee now is costing around RM6.
Skip the calories counting ,but let's hunt for the best wantan mee?

In the afternoon,i also went to KL Sentral to watch a movie screening by Japanese Foundation Kuala Lumpur.After the screening I went for an early dinner in Quinn Food Court,whereby,wantan mee was also choosen as the meal of the day.
On Sunday I visited a chinese stall at SS2 but forget the name of the shop.It was a Sunday morning,I prefer some coffee,so I ordered kopi C kosong.

I ordered the plate of wantan mee,which consists of duck meat,in my opinion,the noodle has it's texture but a bit dry
 Look at the surrounding of the shop,there were many people around
P/s:The journey of the wantan mee will be continued....


  1. I used to go to SS2 quite a lot too. It was the nearest food place to where I lived at the time.

  2. There are many good food and eateries in SS2 but to get a parking is always a headache..

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