Premiere screening of 13 Hours[spoiler]

Last night,I attended the premiere screening of the 13 Hours at TGV 1Utama,9 p.m.As we arrived at 8.40++,we only manage to get seats that is quite front to the screen .
The  movie is about attacks between militants and CIA security contractors
So be prepare for intense scence, shakey camera and slow motions.There are some bloody scence too.People died.
Sorry to comment that there are too much violence in this movie.Feeling dissapointed for the film director as I think that the movie will be much better if he did not put to much of brutality in the movie.
I guess I don't need to tell more about the information for the movie as it is available on the internet.

P/s:Actually after watching,I'm still rather confused  about the movie.The movie will be released in cinemas nationwide,starting today,17/3/2016.

Overall,thanks to Hype Malaysia for the movie tickets.


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