Noodle Shack

Located at Avenue K,Noodle Shack serves 'pan mee' as its specialty.Suitable for all ages and races as the ingredients used are halal.

Their menu is displayed in an exercise book format which resembles of a childhood memories.

Noodle Shack is available in other outlets around Petaling Jaya
P/s:the picture was taken during christmas time
I would suggest the way of eating 'pan mee' to be like this
Rule 1: poking the egg yolk letting it to flow into the noodle and then mix with sambal..Yes,this is the right way to eat this....
Rule 2:mix the sambal together, but don't poke the egg yolk,eat it bit by bit.Get what I mean?one spoon of noodle, comes with a small piece of egg torn,sliced by the fork or chopstick.
dry version of pan mee,which comes with sambal,chicken bits and a piece of fried egg 

I order the soup version,the original flavour,which comes with beancurd skin,anchovies ,black  fungus and chicken bits.
Love the soup..clear broth 
Did I miss the chilli part??Oh yes,I love the chilli dressing too.Not spicy,in between just sour and rich in chilli flavour. I guess green and chillies are used?

P/s:one who loves to eat 'pan mee' should visit here.


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