What to eat in Jalan Tun Razak?

What to eat when we are at Ampang Park LRT or when we are around Jalan Tun Razak?
It can be 

  1. Ampnag Park
  2. Intermark

In Ampang Park mall,visit Cozy House or the food court.
I've tried Cosy's house chicken rice,which costs around RM10.60. If you grab the other lunch set,it will be around this price too.Their steak costs around RM30++~ RM50++.
roast chicken rice at Cozy Corner

braised rice with chunks of sotong,chicken slices,prawns topped with enormous amounth of corn starch gravy
the menu->a boy with red cheeks...
Apart from that ,I've visited the food  court in the mall itself and tried the food at a vietname cuisine stall.Ranging from beef noodle, beef stew noodle, beef ball noodle, chicken noodle and fish noodle,they are priced between RM5 to RM6. The order is served with fish sauce,bean sprouts(up for own choice) or either order a pair of spring rolls for RM2.50. There is a shop operator,Vietnamese lady,who speaks Malay. 

fish noodle

left:sambal chilli paste right:sour sauce
Next,let's hunt for food in food court located in Intermark
It is within walking distance for working patrons who work nearby Ampang Park area.
Look for Soo Pin Fish head noodle stall.Order their specialty which is fish head noodle.
bill of the day,The beep sound from the alert machine represents order is ready.

fish head mee hoon soup,loving the creamy,milky soup that goes with fried fish slices,loving the chilli too

Craving for Chinese food.(rice,noodle,etc...)?Head over to Lam's kitchen,where one can find food such as sweet sour rice with chicken 'yong chau' fried rice & etc here.

'yong chau' fried rice

fried rice,forget the name for this,but it has generous amount of pork

sweet and sour rice with chicken
sun huat kee,with the signature pork noodle,will pork noodles
Besides,i've also tried Dodo Korea.In an afternoon,there were many busy working adults,who worked nearby who were spotted queuing up in front Dodo Korea

this lunch set consists of fried chicken,curry chicken,watermelon,fried vermicelli,costing at RM13,worth it?

To be continued...
More to be updated soon when a new place is figured out...
P/s:Not sure if the prices are a  bit pricey for you ,and it's inclusive of GST.


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