Damas Sweets,Ampang Point

Specializing in Syria desserts,Damas Sweets offers varieties of baklawa,baked daily with pistachio as the main ingredient.With every bites,one can taste the fragrance of the pastry that goes with generous  amount of pistachios.Anyone who comes to Ampang Point must visit this..

 If you are wondering what's baklava,it's actually a sweet pastry made of layers of filo.
baklawa cashew


baklawa with almond

baklawa finger
Those who are nutty lovers should taste this,it's called tamrieh.Bet one will never be disappointed,as there are lots of nuts combination that gives a rich flavour,when eaten.

sparrow's nest chew that resembling bird's nest

sparrow's nest pistachio

baklawa-kol wshkor pistachio
I tried the baklawas.Not sweet..For me,it has natural flavours,delicious,fresh and crunchy layers felt between taste buds..
specially for chocolates lover
Besides ,one can also find some boxes here,glass and lots more

P/s:Bet,one can't resist to have more than two upon first bite in the mouth.Visit their new branch in Seri Kembangan

Damas Sweets
Jalan Mamanda 5,Ampang Point
Ampang 68000


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