Steamboat @ Bee Hoo ,SS15

Trying the luck to have a dinner at Two Peso Steamboat in SS2, but due to the long queue up,then comes the decision to head over to SS15 to try Bee Hoo steamboat.
The following photo shows 2 person portion,which is fulfilling.Priced at RM19.80 per person if  I'm not mistaken.
A closer look for the steamboat ingredients.One thing in mind:Fresh.
see this is a huge portion,right?it comes with generous amount of seafood like prawns,fishnoodle,beancurd skin and etc..
Besides,it also comes with mee hoon and yee-mee
mee hoo and yee-mee
Spicy Chilli paste was hot and fiery enough,while the other one one taste sweet,sour ,is very apettiting though.I even mix the two sauces together to give more rich flavour

P/s:They say the fried meehoon is one of the recommended dish.Perhaps to try on my next visit...

Location to the place:


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