Pasar malam SS2

From phone covers,food stalls, will not only satisfy one needs but also relieve hunger after a long day work at office.
Let's start off by quenching thirst first?
stall selling sugarcane drinks
Pleasant aroma fills the air with some thai sausages

The sausage is chewy,I tried the one with sticky rice.succulent....too hungry to take the picture of the fillings of the sausage.A bit spicy.Sausage lovers might love this.It tastes good.
price varies from RM 2~4

fancy of mee goreng?

                                                    RM 4 gets me 10 pieces of these cute little apam balik...

there is also a stall that sells curry and tomyam fishball

pallon hot bun,am I correct for the shop name?

The stall offers a variety of buns,they are not expensive too!

look at those shiny bread surface

some sizzling hot 'siew mai'

herbal egg

apart from herbal egg,they sell kacang kuda too


there were some nasi campur stalls

teppan bun
lost of people queuing up to buy this,but no more space for the stomach to fill
but only looking forward to try on my next visit

When walking around,one will find stalls that sell shoes,board games,hair accessories and etc..
not pretty sure what is this..but it's moving 
Apart from that,there are some stalls selling some hair accessories

fancy for any shoe lovers here?

OR some goat's milk,perhaps?

Wondering where is the location of the night market?


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