#tanahairku - Two Decades of Bringing Malaysians Together @GaleriPetronas,KLCC

From 11 December till 7 February 2016,Galeri Petronas is having an exhibition, potraying artworks, which reflects histories and memories besides creating awareness.It also mean to bring the audience not only, to behind-the-scenes of PETRONAS festive advertisements, but also props and scenarios used in the commercials.Indeed, most iconic items are yet to be discovered.

The themes are Proud to be Malaysian, Our Diversity Makes Us Beautiful, What’s Life Without Love?, A Lifetime of Friendships, Kerna Kita Satu Sama Dipunyai, and Negaraku. Powered by the People.[Information adapted from Galeri Petronas facebook].

 *Camera clicks*
Stepping into the gallery,the very first exhibit to stumble upon.

Let's see whether I have any bone fractures or not?

What's life without love?

any vintage feel?

long lost item

oops,jangan rotan I,I takut dah!

a lifetime of friendships

congkak and paper plane game,bringing back childhood memories,perhaps?

There are information stands in every exhibit,that describes the story

 video clips are available to watch at every exhibit
These are the randomly captured moments, when I am walking through the lane.

exhibit 5:Kerna kita satu sama dipunyai, mural series created by mural artists around JB,Sabah  & Sarawak
In this exhibit,one is able to see different kinds of murals by artists around Johor,Sabah and Sarawak

wisma Sabah

boleh bah kalau kau?proud to be a Sabahan,yo!

this is the trail map

there are photos on the wall,displaying epic moments and artworks
After this,I walk towards the end of the exhibit,and found this telephone booth
Hello,may I speak to ....

does this resembles the 1950's type of phone?
If I'm not mistaken it's a rotary dial

make your own pledge here

not sure how many pages are there,but it tells stories 

i think one can sit on the bicycle,but make sure you must handle it with care!

exhibit 6:negaraku powered by the people
the hat .nope it's a woven hat symbolizes the tradition of Kadazan race,while Sape,the one on my right is a Sarawak symbol
And then,that's the end part of the gallery.

Make sure to capture photos here before leaving.
last but not least,the last photo taken before leaving
P/S:Free admission.Available for viewing from Tuesday -Sunday,10 a.m till 8p.m.Remember to bring along DSLR cameras.I also spent almost one hour snapping worthy-insta pictures here


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