Markets17 is back!

 It's December!so,it's the right time to shop for some christmas gifts for yourself/myself,right?
Walk around to look for favourite items.
cute owls

Let's see what other items around to buy.
affordable t-shirts from Minimal Tees
phone covers from foneshark

pika-pika chu!

soaps from EarthCare soaps

Let's hunt for some earings?

let's try a ribbon ring

                                                            Soaps from Wunderbath
top left-lip balm
top right-sushi
bottom left-french fries and shoe
bottom right-teeth
 Hmm..after walking around,hands get a bit 'itchy' ,which represents the time to buy something.
Total money spent is around rm150. Let's see what item's I bought?
1-earings and badge pins
2-earing from Numinous Shoppe
3-bottle and earing from WardrobeDiary_GK
4-frosty the snowman from Wunderbath
5-blouse from Oohsopretty
6-Hoodie from MinimalTees

P/s:Thanks to shopee apps,I enjoyed 20% discounts on all items I bought.


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