Signature snack

Signature snack offers a variety of nuts.
Subscription is either monthly,quarterly,semi-annual or yearly.
Price is affordable and each package consists of 5 packs in a box.
What's more,choice of nuts are up for own selection.                                                                                                 I've selected two nut options and was looking forward for the surprise selection to see what it turned up to be. Letting Signature snack to surprise me!
Subscripton package chosen was the monthly  one and it's only Rm39.90 for the 1st month.Normal price is RM59.90 per month.

 Payment was through paypal.

snacks categories to browse

a preview picture as an order guideline 

I opt for Healthy nut mix,so I just click <add to selection>

my selection has gone to cart

To 'Stay healthy',you need to 'Keep smiling' & 'Treat Yourself'

close up

nutrition facts at the back of the packaging

it's the ginger breadmen inside

Tearing off the packaging

The advantage of sealable packaging is I don't have to find a container to store it when I'm not consuming.
here's my dinner that goes with banana milk shake 
P/s:Delivery time takes around 2 weeks


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