Trumer X website

Matching with Trumer X's theme is smart, easy and more profitable, Trumer X is a website that enables buyer and seller to do selling and buying conveniently.
Besides that members can redeem products with the TRM points
Have points in your account,want to redeem the tru care nano toothpaste ,but not sure what to do ?
Upon transaction ,you will get an authorization number through email.
view current TRM points at the upper top left of the page
 Search for Tru Care Nano toothpaste product
Click on the toothpaste picture
details of this product

key in the quantity 
the online authorization page appears after clicking <Buy Now > button

balance of TRM points after redemption

Here comes my toothpaste.;)

P.s.:Around 1 week,you will receive the toothpaste through the doorsteps.


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