Bookfest 2015@KLCC

Before heading to KLCC for the bookfest event, I went to the Bee's to have brunch.It was the first day of Raya too.
As it was a public holiday,there were already many people, no matter in food court or in the shopping centre
Eggs Benedict for breakfast
From side view
 *Beware for those who doesn't like eggs,then the following picture might not be suitable for viewing...*
I took off the first layer ,so I could see the yolk(P.s:feeling like,I'm in the heaven)

at around 2p,m in the afternoon,there were already a large crowd inside the hall

At CD section

I think you know who's him,right?

At the stationeries section

promotion on pens

spotted these new interactive bookmark apps by Sasbadi

See what I'sapu' from the bookfest?

hmm...closer look

Character of the day:Keep Calm with Pop Acoustic album. It used to be RM 44.90 and now, RM20

About Keep Calm with Pop acoustic album, it has 32 tracks.
Ask me what do you think about the album?
Ans:I love the guitar and ukulele sounds,therefore end up buying,...haha
 More info about the CD:
-It contains 2 discs
-Published and copyrighted by Acclaim Music


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