Stubborn Joe @ Dataran Prima

The cafe has a recycled material architecture concept
Total bill for the day is RM45++
As suggested by the cafe's name, wondering ...does joe really stubborn?
Haha..Just kidding..
spot the stools??,it is built using old tin biscuits

What's this??

why is there a hand??It's a washroom,actually

Here comes the main character for that day,fish and chips with choc + banana milk shake
From top:sandwich
Bottom:Fish and chips
Fresh salmon blends well with other ingredients for the bread.For the fish and chips u can actually share among two #Awesome
spotted three mini stools up the cupboard,eh...five actually
*End of eating...*


  1. Thanks Karen for visiting Stubborn Joe.

    1. You're welcome.looking forward for next time.

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