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Today's blog:how to eat banana
1)Potato bread art
Inspired by httpwww.buzzfeed.commackenziekruvantyum-bread#.twA4Y0MRr3
Ingredients needed:
  • potato bread
  • fruits(banana,apple & orange)
cut the fruits into smaller pieces for easier to handle

from front view

from side view
My bread & fruit art.

2)tips to buy banana
i.choose a greener one before it turns yellow
why?once it turns completely yellow,the starch break down and no longer resitant to digestion
ii.for this type of banana color,time span to keep it will be around 2- 3 days
P/s:It also depends on the room temperature and the place you store it.
Dole banana from jaya grocer

side view

peel off the skin and you can see a bright colour.this means it is ripe enough to be eaten.

closer look.
Question:About the taste? 
Guess the colour after two days:
black spots appear on the skin(it's called flecks)

sweeter.melts in mouth and is suitable for muffin or banana bread
 This condition is caused by too much humidity during the ripening process, may make the banana inedible.
Explaination: these spots develop from already mature fruit spending time in a specialized ripening facility. Bananas with senescent spots are safe to eat.
Resource from: http://www.livestrong.com/article/466183-is-eating-a-banana-with-brown-spots-bad-for-you/

Inspired from:

Ba Ba Ba Ba-NA NA

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