How to register no rujukan cukai

To do e-filling,u need to fill up two forms.

  • First borang is:Pendaftaran individu
  • Second borang is :borang aduan

Step1: Visit

You will be directed to
Fill in all details and fill in no E Majikan.The no E-Majikan could be obtained from the first top left of your EA form
Step 3:
Click <Hantar> button and you will receive an email from  "no_reply@"
obtain your no rujukan cukai from email
you will also obtain a pdf summary of  registration notification

Step 4:Obtain your no rujukan cukai pendapatan from step 3 & now,visit this to get permohonan pin

Step 5:Upon completing this form,you will obtain a prompt message
Step 6:within one-two days,you will recevie a permohonan pin in your
for your information,the permohonan pin is a 16 digit number

Note:after completing this,visit to do your e-filling.


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