Delifrance,The Gardens,Mid Valley Megamall[Tried]

Had my lunch in Delifrance at The Gardens before my facial appointment
Garlic bread and mushroom soup is served before the rice

Spicy Fish Baked Rice(RM17.90)
A little bit of spiciness
Spiciness rate:1 out of 5
Appearance:5 out of 5
The rice is nicely baked with the fish.Not pretty sure what type of fish they use, but the overall taste is nice.I think it is sprinkled with some cheddar cheese before the rice is heat in the oven.
Creme Brulee(add on with only RM3.00

With an add on of Creme Brulee.(My first time,trying this..LOL)
Not too dissapointed,but still okay.For those who love something creamy and sweet,you can take this.


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