Kenchara Oasis,Jaya One[Tried]

Kenchara Oasis is a fine-dining vegan restaurant that offers a variety of dessert dishes snacks and many more.They also provide dining and banqueting ,event catering, what's more is suitable for mother's day celebration,corporate events and mini birthday parties.

They also have set lunch at RM9.90(Only available on weekdays)

Oriental salad at 9.90
The ingredients used in the salad are seaweed,lettuce,shredded carrots and cabbages mixed well with plum sauce and finally sprinkled of finely grounded nuts before served.
I'm a fan of Seaweed as it contains super-high amounts of calcium
double boiled ginseng for 6.80
The dessert is mean for those who would love to have  have something that is clear,not too sweet then try this.This double boiled ginseng contains sea coconut,dried longan ling zhi ,red dates,ginseng and white fungus.Should be suitable for everyone during hot days.

Check out their website for more info


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