Book:A simple & practical Guide to managing your personal finance by KC Lau

the 50 ways to reduce expenses
There are a total of 24 chapters in this book,that covers smart money tips,money-making tips,money -saving tips & money protection tips.
Taken from pg.86,KC Lau mentioned that there are four stages of realizing a money-making machine.
There are:

  • being employed to work with your passion
  • being self-employed to work on your passion
  • having business around passion
  • having money invested in business of a passion
About the author:
K.C Lau graduated from University of Technology Malaysia in Aeronautical Engineering.He writes regularly at,where he provides valuable information and share his musical production.(This information is taken from the last few pages of the book)

The book is quite useful for me,it teaches young people and fresh graduates  on how to save money and investing smartly.


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