FREE Noodles @The Porki Society

Reading news feed on facebook is a routine thing to do.While scrolling through the news feed,I actually come across that The Porki Society  posted up a feed that they are offering free noodles to their customers on the New Year Day.
If you have tried out the boat noodles at Thailand,then this might be not-a -new thing to you.
As I walk in to the shop,the waitress at the counter said to me free boat noodles today.
As a usual routine,I love to take pictures before,while and after eating .
Situated in Sea Park, The Porki Society is only within 5-7 minutes drive for residents of SS2 and Seksyen17.
the surrounding

the tables
The dried version

The soup version,it comes with a meat ball,pork lard,and a sprinkle of fried onions

My friend and I ate 2 bows each person

Yes,they do have a baby chair

Tee-hee..Manage to capture the chefs preparing in the kitchen..Sorry,abang,I just capture a picture of you....
Asking about how the noodles taste?Well the broth is quite thicky for the soup version.As myself I prefer the soup version.New to boat noodles?Visit to The Porki Society ,next time?

 Till then..^_^.


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