Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

The book consists of 264 pages & have twelve chapters.
And these are the chapters
  • If you can't get a miracle,become one
  • no arms,no legs,no limits
  • full assurance in the heart
  • love the perfectly imperfect you
  • attitude is altitude
  • armless but not harmless
  • don't let your face plant grow roots
  • the new bloke in the bushes
  • trust others,more or less
  • an equal opportunity hugger
  • the ridiculous rules
  • make giving your mission
 There are some important values found from the book,and it can be our guidance in our life
Chapter 1 :
"Life without meaning has no hope.Life without hope has no faith.If you find a way to contribute,you will find your meaning,and hope and faith will naturally follow and accompany you into your future."
Chapter 3:
FAITH :Full.Assurance.In.The.Heart
 "You must understand that sometimes in life you won't get the answers you seek right away.You have to walk by faith."
Chapter 5:
"Your decisions and actions are based on those attitudes,so if what you've been doing isn't working,you have the power to adjust your attitude and change your life."
Chapter 6:
"To much fear is not good.too often our fears of failing or being disappointed or being rejected paralyze us.Rather than face those fears,we surrender to them and limit ourselves."

About the author:
He was born without limbs but he is not constrained by his circumstances.
He mentioned that to live without limit,he need :
  1. a powerful sense of hope
  2. hope so strong that it cannot be diminished
  3. faith in God and the infinite possibilities
  4. love and self acceptance
  5. attitude with altitude
  6. a courageous spirit
  7.  willingness to change
  8. a trustuing heart
  9. hunger for opportunities
  10. the ability to assess risks and to laugh at life
  11. a mission to serve others first
Last chapter(chapter 12):
Whether you have a lot or a little to offer,just remember that small acts of kindness can be just as powerful as big donations.If you make a difference in just one life,you've done a great service,
because simple kindness
Important values from book

-Your decision today will follow you in tomorrow.
-The decisions  you make every day impact the quality of your entire life.


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