GSC free screening @Nu Sentral,24 Jan 2015

Reach Nu sentral around 5p.m and manage to get tickets for a movie which is Don't Go Break My Heart 2,starred by Leo Ku,Miriam Yeung,Daniel Wu ,Vic Chou & Gao Yuan Yuan.
The screening starts from 24 till 28 January this month.Before going to the cinema,what we have to do is to print the e-coupon to redeem two tickets.
Image taken from

Outside the cinema ,captured before entering the cinema

 the surrounding is lightened by blue light

Story sypnosis:What is it about?It's not all about a romantic film and but yet hilarious,meaningful and touching one!At the beginning,Louis Koo ( Cheung Shen Ran )and Miriam Yeung(Yang Yang) are together,but story goes complicated when he still loves Gao Yuan Yuan( Ching Chi Yan). Ching Chi Yan is getting married,but Sean still bother to disturb her life Who will he be selecting towards the end of the story?Will not tell the answer,till you watch it,tho!

Although it's a love story,we can learn something from it.Beside making the right choices of your other half but also think twice of our decision,so that we would not regret in the future.

After the film ends ,manage to go around the city and also manage to capture some night sceneries of some shopping malls


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