instant noodles review-Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian

Prima Taste,Laksa La Mian a black packaged ,instant noodles ,consists of a noodle and two packets of ready-to-cook pastes and premixes.This packaging already attract me to grab it without any double hesitation.
I bought this packet of noodles when I visit Singapore.

 Let the laksa paste to go into the pot first
Next,put the laksa premix,which is the coconut powder and let it to boil

Then,put in the noodles and let the noodles to soften in the soup 

Finally,serve it with your desired ingredients such as chicken ,egg and etc...



Thick. does not absorb the soup quickly


Thick broth with coconut powder.Super like the soup..Bet one will crave for another bowl after trying it.

After hours of letting the noodles in the pot,it will only turn soggy

Price: SGD 9++,you can also get it in various supermarkets in Malaysia such as Cold Storage and etc..

Enclosed is a Video to enjoy


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