Horizon Set Lunch,next to The Arc,Alexandra Road,Singapore

The best risotto I ever tried so far.Tried it when I was on my business trip.The restaurant is within 10-15 minutes of walking distance from HP Technopark,Alexandra Road.Suitable for a quick lunch or a brunch.My lunch consists of a starter,main course and also comes with a drink
I was told that they change their menu from time to time.So visitors no need to worry to get over the same food menu again.

the set comes with salad,
potato,smoked duck,with home made fruit dressing

my order,seafood risotto,consists of mussels,fish and prawns
Perfectly done with the nice handling of timing when cooking this risotto,thus giving a stunning and perfect look, when served.

On the other hand,all the seafood ingredients were fresh

Companion's order,comes with pork belly and bacon,
enough proportion of fats and meat making it a perfect combination.
 Interior look of the restaurant:

 P/s:Not halal.Indeed a comfy type of environment ,if you are looking for a quiet place to indulge in.

Will definitely come back to try out another time if I come to visit Singapore again


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