Food to try out in Tiong Bahru wet market

I visited the famous Tiong Bahru wet market on a Sunday morning for a hearty breakfast. To get here,just hop on to a Grab car from Orchard Road. It's quite near about 10 to minutes away from Orchard Road. I find this place is attractive, as it has many food choices. From the famous 'chee kueh' to wantan mee ,

A long queue spotted here,I bought mine too, but ,oops where's my picture?

sorry I only had this blurry picture of vegetarian noodles
As mention,there were many selections of food,

glutinous rice,served with ground nut and fried onions

Do check out the florist store as well
braised vegetarian meat and vegetables

$3 per plate,quite reasonable

After eating,one can visit the florist shop

abundance of flowers


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