Frisky Goat,TTDI

Visited Frisky Goat recently.Cafe hopping as usual.Just like other cafe they have ample space for visitors to seat.WE are quite early that morning,service was good and food ordered was fast.

Interior of the cafe
 When I saw pastries I can't stop staring at them and even took a picture.
They have many cake options too.Their pavlova is very attractive for me,but I haven't try out yet.Waiting to try on next visit

The plate was neatly arranged with a nicely cooked omellete,topped with some 'greens' ,and on top of that to be matched with bread.
About the taste:
Love the egg texture.It is smooth ,creamy and fragrant.Upon first bite,one would ask for more.Bet one will not forget the soft and fluffy taste

 We like this set too.The sweet potato balls were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.Honestly speaking,I love their food presentation and the design of the ceramic plates.Plate selection is pretty important to present food and I think this is different compared to other cafes.
 It is always a must to take a picture before eating...

A happy face to receive this plate

The cafe is located at TTDI


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