Art beads and toy blocks as hobby

We can actually make use of our free time by searching for new things to play around.But how do I spend my free time?Well....recently i found one..
They are many kind of beads that we might or not know,and to name a few is:base metal beads,bone beads,wooden beads,plastic beads and many more
Part one-Art Beads
When I first saw art beads sold in a bookshop,I didn't even know how to use it.Back home,I search for tutorial about art beads.
I follow the paper design and after spending almost an hour of time,I managed to form a shape out of it.
What is needed for making art beads?
2)additional lace tracing paper(if the one provided in the box is torn)
Unboxing the box that contains art beads.i think these box is good for a beginner type

Yes,you need iron,get ready for next ya
Form the shape according to the paper

when you feel it's ready peel of from the tracing paper,but you find that there are still parts of bead that are not sticked together,put back the tracing paper in place,and iron again

Peel of from the tracing paper
Apart from art beads,I found another hobby,that we can do during our free time,which is toy blocks.I also find that the quality ones might costs more.Since I just  begin to build interest towards this, I quickly grab this box of toy blocks from 'D.I.Y' shop.I started off with those simple and cheap ones,where we can easily get from the supermarket.

Part two-Toy blocks

Unboxing and putting those blocks in action

When they are halfway ready,make sure u take a picture or even check out if you accidentally assemble them wrongly...

P/s:While dealing with art beads or toy blocks,one need to dedicate time and determination.
A summary of art beads


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