Bowling experience and eating out at Sopoong,IOI Putrajaya

Soopong is our eating place,before heading for a bowling session in Wangsa Bowl.
Seats were abundant .We just grab one
We go through their menu,and I found they have many selection varities from bibimbap set,individual set,and more

our lunch,but first,let me take a wefie...
what we had for lunch that dayWhat I've ordered for lunch is bibimbap,Rm20.90 ,love the egg texture,actually,this set comes with a steam egg and  a hot tea drink
 On the other hand,the topokki taste a bit spicy,chewy for me.
What ingredients,the roll consists?rice,cucumber,pickle and also some chunks of hot dog,if not mistaken
A close up photo,where you can see chicken bits,shredded cucumber,seaweed,mushroom

steam egg on the left

After lunch,we went for bowling.Affordable as it costs only Rm9 +Rm2++ for shoes rental for one session
Our score for the day
P/s:I remember picking up the lightest ball,which was 8 in size,cause the other balls were too heavy to carry.

A video of the bowling seesion can be viewed here

While walking around,we spotted a stall selling childhood items,like apollo and etc..


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