Your One Stop Solution for Beauty & Wellness Needs.

I always expect a useful application that enables me to view and book for a beauty service and finally, there comes a saviour to me. That is: Beau Hour
There are few reasons why I love beau hour.

  1.  Discovery of location and list of services
  2. Best recommendation & offers by merchants
  3. Call, view pictures, details and reviews

Introducing the main functions of this app:
search, filter and click to view features

There are two options to search for services
First option to check for services, is just by clicking on one of the icons as shown above.Want to know precise location, but don’t know where to click? Wait!!There is second option to access, by clicking filter icon on the upper right of the screen.
No worries, we can perform quick search at the filter function for location. This means we would be able to search for shop nearest to our residential area and also plan visit day and budget earlier.

Upon clicking search, what’s next?

Listing of merchants with recommendations and current promotions

Through recommendations, we will have more confidence to visit merchants
Again, we will start to have questions on the mind like, e.g: Hmm… how is the look of the shop?
details & services

Beau Hour provides a glimpse of insight to the environment of the merchants by providing pictures. Just slide from left to right to view them. The availability of various service listing with detailed description, time duration and also prices, bring convenience to users.

We can give our own review after pampering ourselves at the beauty centre.

P.s: Voila, sit back, relax & use beau hour. I’m looking forward to visit one of the merchants and wish to do a blog review soon.

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