Where to get present for an occasion?Answer is here.

When comes to gifts planning, it is a real challenge ,as we think of what to give to our love ones.
Hmm, then personalized gifts as the solution, may be?
Infact, personalised gifts are the most ideal alternatives compared to the buy off shelves gifts. Furthermore, personalised gifts always leave the best memory because it is made with care and appreciation. It often come with small message, represent love,appreciation and also to represents how extraordinary the person is.Anyway,own customization will usually leave a long lasting impression for the person who use the gift. The example of the gifts are cross stitch wooden pin, necklace, mug and many more.
~Precious gift from the heart~
  is something rare and unique,created with love and care,that money can't buy elsewhere

Question: Are you the person who loves doing own customization ? Then printcious is suitable for DIY lovers like you.
From t-shirt, mug, cushion and ceramic tile, printcious offers an own customization with a do it yourself concept, to create personalized items, suitable as gifts for occasions like wedding, birthday and etc.. This solves the problems like:
  1. Where to find?
  2. What to buy?
Why Printcious?
-easy to use
-free delivery for purchase above rm75
-more than 400 designs to choose from
-affordable prices (above RM10 onwards)

There are few sections to access.Navigate to :
Shop section
Create section


Gifts section

Now,ladies and gentleman... let's proceed to create your very first design by login to here
click <My Account> on the top right of the page,whereby to track our order,edit delivery address and also own profile here!

Where should I proceed after I login?I love cushion,so I go to the cushion section  start designing..P/s: putting all my creative juices here ..

design my own style here,add image ,what's more, I can add a QR code too!
After the design is completed,i just need to hit the <Done> button

*Note:The screenshot below is for T-shirt lovers*
I love the caption of this T-shirt personally ,furthermore I can choose my favourite colors from the colors selection  plus also my own size

Ok,peeps..I'm done the designing section,what's nextProceed to cart section
customize /add to cart option
what's more,I can view the materials of the shirt here
After adding the item to cart,I will directed to cart screen.
click <Continue shopping> to proceed with shopping and check back the cart,it will display the current order
up to 400++ types of gifts to choose from
By using printcious, now I can just sit back and relax, doing my own DIY gifts from home. This means that I can create and edit my design anytime at anywhere with internet access from home. Select any design, customize it and voila,I’m done!
Yeah..Just search,select and design , so easy peasy,right?
I love the design and the variety of items that Printcious offers when I first visit the website. With the easy to access, simple & most important,friendly interface features,why would you resist?

Keep Calm & Search for favourite items,agree more?
Note:All the screenshots are adapted from printcious.com
P/s: Can’t wait for the cushion to reach my doorstep

Which website to visit?Printcious
Story to be continued...

120 x 90
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