Let's eat salad @Easy Green Gourmet Salad

Located at Jaya One, Level P1, next to VVaffle

1. On a diet?
2. Vegetable lover?
3. Not sure what to eat?
4. After gym?
No worries, Then easy green gourmet salad is here to solve all your questions and is suitable for salad lover, to build and eat own salad. Choose either signature salad or their signatures menu.

If you choose the signature salad, the Selection is either regular or supreme set. Add on for only RM5 and you can get a drink or soup.
How much is the regular set? For RM12.90. How about supreme? It is only at 17.90
For regular type, we can get 8 selections with 1 salad base, 5 selections, 1 garnish and 1 dressing
Meanwhile for supreme type, we can get 9 selections that are 1 salad base, 5 selections, 1 garnish, 1 dressing and 1 supreme

After salad selection, what’s next?
Salad dressing.
There are 18 salad dressing selections:
honey balsamimc ,*oriental sesame*, honey mustard, Dijon balsamic, lemon olive, olive balsamic, *soy vinaigrette*, apple cider, *casear*, honey soy,healthy French,balsamic,extra virgin olive,carrot ginger,roasted capsicum,mint yoghurt, *siracha* and gochujang
let's try some dressing?
The dressing without * marks are homemade

Next, let’s go for signatures menu, only at rm19.90
The 8 selections are Hail Caesar, hot chic, sinbab’s diet, spring of japan, bibimbap, eve’s garden, roast maniac & chicken wrap
Eve’s garden- smoked salmon and salad
Hail Caesar-parmesan crisp and salad
Roast maniac consists of roast potatoes & pumpkin, some vegetables like broccoli, and also some cherry tomatoes
roast maniac
Love the taste of roast pumpkin ,potatoes,that melts in mouth upon first bite
Meanwhile for juice lovers, there are 7 juices for selection. Each selection consists of three types of fruits.
1.      After glow(papaya orange +pineapple)
2.      Tummy calmer(carrot + apple + ginger)
3.      Energy booster(banana + orange+ pineapple)
4.      Thirsty camel(watermelon + lychee +mint)
5.      Cholesterol buster(cucumber + apple =celery)
6.      Vision booster(apple +carrot pumpkin)
7.      Ms. Antioxidants(pear +lemon mango)
Furthermore, they are only at the price of RM6.90
So example if I go for regular type:
Then, I can select my
salad base: rommaine lettuce,
selections: cherry tomato, broccoli, cauliflower bits,8 minutes boiled egg & apple slices
garnish: cashew nuts
dressing: mint yoghurt
soup of the day(roast chicken soup)it's healthy,consists of onions,and blended vegetables with freshly prepared chicken stock 

P/s: You can choose to dine in or take away. Meanwhile, ­­ choose to toss-in or separate the dressing.
Keep calm and eat salad, perhaps?


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