Nuffnang :Premiere Screening of Kingsman The Secret Service

Thanks to Nuffnang,I won a pair of premier screening passes to watch  Kingsman The Secret Service in TGV 1 Utama.
The screening for this movie was held on 11th February 2015 at TGV 1Utama.
This time ,the screening is special because IMAX hall is used for the screening. For your information the screen in IMAX hall is large and the sound effect is very nice.I am so delighted to receive an email for invitation to watch this movie.It's my very first time to win these passes from Nuffnang.

Arriving to 1 Utama at around 8 .15 p.m,I quickly head to the collection counter to collect the passes.

At the redemption counter

Before the movie I went for a dinner at AK Noodles House
Ok,let's have some story time,perhaps?

Sypnosis:Eggsy have to endure many challenges (assessments) to enter Kingsman. Eggsy almost make till the end but fail at the final assessment which was to shot his own train dog. Meanwhile, Valentine is trying to implant a type of virus to human so human killing against themselves. To save the world, Eggsy has to stop Valentine from his evil plan.
 The stories go to the exciting part, where Eggsy had to stop Valentine from successfully transmit the virus which can cause human to kill among themselves. Will Eggsy success to do so?
Thumbs up to the director of X-Men After all, it was a great movie with a good plot, well acted and well filmed. In this movie, you will find several high-tech weapons such as shoe knives, umbrella defender and many more. I bet you will laugh till your head off while watching.  

Duration: 2 hours 29 minutes
This is the scene where Eggsy is brought to a secret place 

P.s:Don't forget to watch this movie in cinemas,this 19 February 2015
After all,a special thanks one again to Nuffnang and TGV cinema to give me the opportunity to watch this movie.


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