Sea Games 2017

Visited Bukit Jalil stadium last weekend to witness the 29th SEA games live.It's my first time in life to experience this.Went there in the afternoon to watch badminton and athletic sports.Plan to go for diving intially but the tickets were sold out.
At the entrance

I spotted many Obike infront of the LRT station

milo trucks around the stadium

And there's is where I got my free milo

There were also T-shirt for sale and other different goodies such as the stickers ,watches and lots more

watch for sale at RM129 

RM20 for this pencil case

I got myself some pencils and erasers home,RM1 each for pencil and eraser for RM 1.80

A photo with the Merdeka man

my lunch,black pepper chicken,RM8

some of the food trucks,convenient for SEA games goers to have a quick lunch

food truck selling nasi lemak

I am next potential cyclist

'challenge azizul' bicycle game

journalist reporters from different TV stations 

Malaysia team score a gold for the race

milo products for sale


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