What I ate during last weekend,30-31 July 2016*non halal*

 Choon Prawn mee house,situated in Taman Paramount might be an option for people residing here for a hearty brakfast or a small meet up with friends.
My lunch on that day costs around RM13.
We are there around 11++ and many people seated in the restaurant.

That mouth watering prawn noodle soup,nice soup base,not salty nor spicy ordered by the friend

nyonya rice special that comes with a bow of rice,stuffed pork,also comes with a dash of sotong sambal and vegetable 'acar'
RM10plus for this set

The bill of the day cost around RM24
After a movie on Sunday evening in Mid Valley.An Viet was our pit stop for dinner.
After visiting An Viet,I begin to build my interest towards vietnamese cuisine
I find the menu is so attractive and eye catching,that's why I took a picture with it

The surrounding area and decoration

This lemongrass ginger drink is served with a sugary base form that comes in a mini cup
The mixture of Lemon grass and ginger makes oneto drink it in it's original form or the desire  to 'add sugar after  tasting the original one

Grilled por chop rice which comes with a soup and some mini dishes
One can choose for small,medium or large rice

vietnamese noodels soup,also served with some side dishes


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