Village Park nasi lemak

I heard it's nasi lemak was famous,and I've tried it out.I was astonished to see the place is crowded with people during lunch hour.
Situated at Uptown Damansara,this place is suitable for working patrons or even food lovers who JUST love MALAYSIA's most recognized breakfast,that is nasi lemak...

This picture is also captured outside the restaurant,time should be around 12p.m

highly seated with people inside the restaurant
We are quite lucky to secure a place with two seats,although it was many people already around during that time.
I spotted a picture on the wallTun Mahathir,Martin Yan and many more  celebrities had visited here before,to mentioned

What I've ordered that day was the signature must try dish,nasi lemak ayam goreng and a cup of kopi cham
About the nasi lemak characters:
sambal:less spicy
chicken:crunchy eaten when served,hot and juicy texture
rice:fragant smell of coconut milk,served hot

What a wonderful day with a hearty brunch eventhough it's calorie counting
P/S:I've also found out that they do serve nasi campur as well,where one can see many people queuing up as early as 10a.m,I think??


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