Steps of filling up form in I-Akaun of KWSP website

 Disclaimer:The purpose of this blog entry is to create a quick guideline to ease the process while submitting new submission of FORM A.
To submit and print form A,it is easy .
 How?By login to
 The first step is to click View/Edit Saved forms ,which is located on the left side menu
 First,choose the contribution month .
 Then, Click <Select>.
 Note:the purpose of this step is to view the history of submitted forms.
As mentioned earlier ,the list of forms submitted will appear.

In the list ,click on the link of the file name as per highlighted above
After that one can view the records of the form

Scroll down till the end of the page,whereby one can see the total contribution of employer and employee
the total contribution reflects to the previous month entries
At this step,I'm going to add a record for March by using February's record
1.Click <copy> and a pop up box will appear <Select> to proceed

 Click <Next>
 Click <Next> again
After that,click <Yes> to proceed to the next page
 The next page,will be the Preview/Submit page

Scroll down to end of the page to select payment method
If you tend to only print and submit later,then go for the third option as shown.
 Just click the checkbox as shown and click <submit>
In this page,click the print button
 Report screen will be displayed
P/s:That's the end of the step.This user manual is created for a quick reference whenever someone wants to fill in the form
Just my two cents for the write up..


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