Hanazen,Jaya One

Speaking of sushi,I'm a big fan.Hanazen was visited on a hot Saturday afternoon.
It is a good place for meeting up friends here. The price ranges from RM 4 to 100 for sushi,rice set,... and so on. 
Green tea is refillable.

What was ordered on that day was this...
Loving the way on how this is presented.

For those who prefer gyoza ,which is also known as guo tie in chinese. 
Not sure what's the filling but I am able to taste some bits of meat,cabbage in it.
It was neatly arranged in a row of five on a plate.Erm..eh wait..six  actually.

 The chawan mushi texture is not up to my liking,but still acceptable

cuttlefish sushi,if I'm not mistaken
raw fish.it melts when bitten thoroughly..
still ok,but if you want the fresh one,you need to visit fish market of Japan to taste..
the set I've ordered consists of a miso soup,salad,chawan mushi,a bowl of rice and salmon fish
 Sadly to say that the salmon fish wasn't that fresh.
A closer look
 A typical scene that one can find when visiting Japanese restaurants.
 Fancy of Japanese wine,anyone?
P/s:Comments are based on my own opinion.Try at your own harm..Till then..


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