Jom jalan -jalan dan cari cari makan di Bazaar Ramadhan Seksyen 17,Petaling Jaya

Happy Fasting to all the muslims out there.
Imagine you are after work,in a hunger,wanting to grab some food to fullfill your stomach,but not sure which place to search for food...?
No worries,come to bazaar ramadhan which is situated in Seksyen 17,opposite Jaya One.
The bazaar ramadhan is available everyday from the first day till the last day of fasting.
Mari-mari ,jom beli!

Kambing gedek

frying with onions

Mi Goreng Murtabak

Keropok Lekor,anyone?

Kuih muih

lots of lauk-pauk to choose from

otakk-otak pak cik

Apart from that,there are some stalls selling nasi tomato,nasi beriani &nasi ayam
Four types for eaters to choose from

nasi beriani


spotted many people at this stall,it's Selera Utara,Kak Lam's specialty

feeling hungry,wanted to try these juicy chickens?

P.s:Does this triggers ur taste buds ,already?let's go and hunt for them,before it's too late


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