Attended the screening of Jurassic World on last friday.
The ticket is sponsored, thanks to the contest organised by
Basically, is easy to use,convenient for all drivers,why?
For busy working adults like us nowadays,it is quite difficult to find a place to fix our car ,so we need some quick help to search for the nearest place for a repair.

 Drivers can search for nearby retailers through this app,ranging from popular service till commercial vehicle to heavy machinery.For example,when our car has problem,we can search through the apps for which nearest station to repair the car.

For accessories,we can search for interior accessories,electronics and remote,lightning &bulbs
upholstery,exterior accessories,gauge,steering and gears
in gauge,steering & gear section
select transmission fluid

a list of fluids product will appear
click the desired fluid and the photo of the product will appear

Beside we can search for nearby local retailers for the best deals in town ,real time mobile mechanc and also search for automotive parts

At the screening night
P.s:feeling frustated,no one to help when car broke down..?no worries,we can get in touch with tow truckers for assistance through this app


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