Wearing Fresh kon lens

I love Fresh Kon lens so much because it is so comfortable and it gives a bigger eye look

A glimpse of how Mystical Black looks like

I don't have any opportunities to try Fresh Kon Contact lens until I won a pair of Fresh Kon contact lens from Lifestyle Post contest.The pair of contact lens that I get to try is Mystical Black.
Putting on and taking off contacts is easier than you might think.Let's see how it's done.

Tips on how to put on contact lens:
  1. Wash and dry hands
  2. Put contact lens before make up
  3. Once contact lens is in the eyes,move your eyelid up ,down ,left  right to ensure it is in the right position

P.s;I make a tutorial for those who is afraid of wearing contact lens.I haven't put on any make up when doing the video,because it is best to put on after wearing the lens


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