Welcome to Unimas

I've ended my studies in last June.So I decided to write a short blog to give an introduction of the faculty
Welcome to Unimas and the Faculty of computer science and Information Technology(FIT),UNIMAS FIT juniors...
In FIT, there are five types of course to study namely:
1)Multimedia computing
2)Software engineering
3)Computational Science
4)Information System
5)Network Computing

P.s:Photos captured by Olympus FE 4030 .
Some random photos captured around the faculty.
Front View

Let's take a picture before the sunset?

This view is captured from FSTS (Faculty of resource science and technology)

Detar Putra,where exams and convocation to be held here


Student pavilion

Sakura residential college

In case you need to hang out, do visit Jalan Padungan ,the historical street of Kuching
Unimas FCSIT official website:http://www.fcsit.unimas.my/index.php/e-services
The only one & official Unimas website :http://www.unimas.my/
Before I forget,this website http://www.unimas.my/morpheus/ will be your e-learning access whereby,lecture notes, assignment,tutorials and lab and also other relevant information will be posted here.
https://smpweb.unimas.my/ePelajar/ is the website to access student profile,register subjects for every semester and also to view your semester results.Besides you can also appeal for residential college and check the outstanding payment for every semester
For your information,the current dean  for FIT is Mr Johari.
Wondering how will be the first day?Read here
In the next post,I'll be updating more about experiences while studying in UNIMAS.


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