First day at Unimas, 3 July 2010

About four years ago,I received an offer letter to study software engineering in Unimas.It's a four year duration course.Like it or not,I have to accept it. I am told to register in the residential college on 3rd of July 2010.Basically,on this first day,we need to register ourselves at the registration counter.On this day also,you need to fill in a form.After that you will be given a unimas school bag,Unimas kokurikulum shirts and etc..Can't remember actually...Then you have to get the key to check in your hostel room.You will get to know who's your roomate.Besides,we get to know a lot of friends from different states all over Malaysia.Oh ya,there is a week orientation,where you guys need to be awake as early as 5 a.m and only get to bed at around 1 a.m..

 To-DO lists before entering the uni:

1.Remember to do a medical check up and bring ur X-Ray to uni.
2.Open a bank account with Bank Islam(this is for your ptptn) / RHB (to support your daily life)

Feeling Excited already?Get your luggage ready and get set GO!
P.s:Congratulations to all new UNIMAS intake batch 2014/2015.
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