Visual Boy Advance emulator

Remember those game boy games that have played before during childhood?
Well,recently I just get to know about an emulator called visual Boy advance that enable video games such as Super Nintendo to be played on computer.
Visual Boy advance emulator is an emulator which lets us to play games for game boy colour.
1)I go to or either to download the emulator
Extract the VisualBoyAdvance.exe to the desktop 
 2)Create ROMS folder on desktop

3)Search for games at
click the download button,and the download option will start immediately.
 4)After the download has complete,extract the .gba file to the ROMS folder

5)In visual boy advance ,click the open file option to select any .gba files you wish to open 

6)After the game has loaded,what I need to do is to press either ENTER key or 'Z' key to continue


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