Corona simulator

There are many tools out there that enable us to build Iphone or Ipad apps.
Corona is said to be easy,fast and powerful.The Corona SDK uses LUA as a development language and then re-compiles to Objective-C.
To install the editor:
There are two steps to install the editor.
1)Go to tools and select command pallete,select Package Control: Install Package
or either
2)Go to preferences and select browse packages 

Firstly go to and there will be two python code to be selected and choose to be copied and paste in the sublime editor to enable the corona editor.
run the python code in the command
A message that shows the corona editor has been successfully installed
 To install and use corona stimulator:
After download has completed,run and install the program
The stimulator
Browse through sample project ,select and run the desired project.Theere are many sample project to be choosen from. There will be a corona Simulator output showing that the program is running successfully

The project is loading in the simulator

P.s:However,  builds for the iPhone, iPad or Android devices won't be able to be created. Meaning to say that we only can play around with the development environment and find out if it is the right choice.


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