Useful Websites to be visited

So,we surf and surf everyday,how long do we spend on surfing internet a day?
Why love coding?
Great gadgets for 2014
 To view list of eateries available in west Malaysia ,make sure you have taken ur meals yet before viewing the website.
International Requirements Engineering Board,the professional board that got you certified with requirements Engineering domain
News website that keep you updated with news
Mobile website templates
Web hosting sites
Entertainment :Movie and talent shows website
The pdf to powerpoint converterwhich is useful for lecture notes of pdf type
Time to get shopping online I guess??
You get to view different types of bags but check out for the prices becoz they are way too expensive..
The place where you got piano scores
How to get a taxi using mobile app,which is already been imlemented in west Malaysia and recently in kuching.
Nando's website,nothing special,but once you landed on the page you will see interactive stuffs 
To keeo ur teeth as white as possible..
For people who resides in KL city to try out eateries
To prevent blue screen from happening 
Disadvantages of using microbeads face wash 
 Make up tips


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