motivations b4 stepping ur foot in university

Preparations?Don't want to enter public university?How to Borrow PTPTN?

many of us ur ambition since young,but you cannot achieve your ambition because 
-face some obstacles or 
-did not excel in ur SPM or STPM studies.
-financial problem 
- didn’t pretty much like course offered(because it is not what you wanted),u started to feel sad or in other words feeling disappointed.
Then,You end up working or studying in a private institution because u deny any offer from institution earlier.
B4 u turn down any offer from any tertiary institution,
reflect back on how much effort u have put since childhood,
 Well,after all doesn't matter if u get any offer from any university in any states around Malaysia,just accept the offer..and who know you might turn something you don't like to something likeable,am I right?
Advantages :if we study abroad is we get to know friends from other states,and other countries and we get to travel to their hometown too..
PTPTN?:Don't worry,every students will be guided ways to apply for the loan.
P.S:I'm a student from Kota Kinabalu and next february will be my final semester.


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