DESA milk versus Dutch lady Milk

I love to drink milk,so I decided to write a comparison between this two brands,DESA and Dutch Lady.As for me,I prefer DESA
Desa is produced locally in Kota Kinabalu and is extracted from cows reared in DESA Dairy farm.
I think u have visited dairy farm before right?
It Is available in 1000 ml and 500 ml.
Cost?:Rm5.20 for the big one,not pretty sure for the smaller one.Check out at nearest supermarket maybe?
Difference between their taste? Same,but I think Desa's taste is more concentrate.
Check out their FBpage and you will know more about DESA Farm
You will definitely regret if u didn't try out DESA milk. :)
Here's a picture of DESA
I love locally made product,so support Products made in Sabah,ok?


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