Visiting Bangkok's Floating Market

Apparently,one can visit all three floating markets in half a day or more on a Saturday.These three markets have lots of things to see and walk around.Tickets were purchased at 99  baht.It is affordable.

tuk-tuk car made of cans

tifin sets

How the boat looks like

A Japanese lady sitting beside me on the boat

Check out my short video

Wat Saphan market
A group of buskers performing in a Thailand song

Buddhist devotees can pray here

Or even have some sightseeing around,before heading back to the port for next pit stop

At Khlong Latmayam market
Thre are some bargains for the crackers,if not mistaken one can get three at  a very affordable price
rice crackers of different flavours 

At here,the boat will stop by before going back to Tailing Chan market.This is where you can feed the fish too
After that ,the last pit stop will be at here,where a huge numbers of boats were nicely parked in a row

After the three floating markets,we were directed to the original port,Tailing Chan , where we stop by for a grilled fish meal

snake head fish  at 100 baht


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